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Belmar B., Patricia

Brazeau, Alain

Brazeau, Dianne

De Souza, Thomas

Howard Wright, Sandra

Ilavsky, Jerry

Isaacs Morell, Camille

Landerman Goodfellow, May

Landreville, Jeannine

Mizgala, Renée

Pigeon, Lise

Portsmouth, Leslie

Vaughan, Jacqueline

Patricia Belmar B. BFA

   Waiting for the high tide   

Patricia lives and works in Montreal.  She holds a BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts, from Concordia University and has an Art Certificate from Bishop’s University.  She is also a translator and speaks several languages.

She chose art as a means of communication; she can express herself trough words as a translator and through images as a painter.  Her sources of inspiration are nature, imagination and memories.   She has explored different themes but her favorite ones are largely landscapes and seascapes.  Oil and acrylics are her preferred media.

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Alain Brazeau

Over the years, my paintings gain in value for me, because I am perfectionist. In fact my landscapes are especially from the region of Mauricie. Some of my paintings have atmospheres of countryside and tranquility. And on other paintings, some people say to me that I reproduced very well the atmosphere of Mauricie, region or the hunting abounds, because they frequent these regions.

Landscape painter and not animal painter it gives me some hair of the animal because I forge ahead, haaa you know well this corner of country? Yes yes! I go hunting over there and the atmosphere I recognize it completely that! Thank you very much I say.

In fact, that pleases.

The beautiful season arrives and for me the hunting it is to discover the beautiful places of Quebec. Hoping to discover the paradise and to make it discover in painting to the public.

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Dianne Brazeau


Dianne is a Dorval resident and member of Dorval Artists Association for more than 25 years. Presently their President for the last 12 years. Also a member of Dollard Art. Ass and Member of Artists Circle. Studied with several well known artists and has exhibitions locally. Paints in watercolour, acrylic, pastel and oil. Enjoys painting colourful sunsets, landscapes, flowers , doors and garden scenes. Her paintings have won awards. Painting for her brings peace to the mind and soul.

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Thomas De Souza

Born in Goa, Portuguese India in 1933.Studied art at the famed School of Fine Arts, Bombay. Studied, worked and painted in Nottingham, England from 1962 to 1965, then came to Canada. De Souza has won many juried awards from the Cities of Dorval, Pierrefonds, Kirkland and St. Laurent. He is a member of the Art Associations of Dorval, St. Laurent and the Lakeshore Art Association of which he was the President from 1988 to 1990. He has had many Group and Solo Art Exhibitions, including one at Place Ville Marie in Montreal, 1990. He is represented in the book "Guide Vallee " of 1989 and 1993. He was also represented in some well-known Art Galleries in North America.

De Souza's paintings are found in many private and corporate collections, including the Federal Business Development Bank, Cities of Montreal, Kirkland, Pierrefonds and Dorval. Internationally, his paintings are to be found in the U.S.A., Israel, India, Japan and France.

Thomas de Souza can be reached at: 
Telephone: 514 631 8407

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Sandra Howard Wright

Born in England, Sandra studied art at the Southport School of Art, Merseyside, and afterwards, at the Manchester College of Art and Design in Lancashire, England.

After graduating, Sandra immigrated to Canada, where she began a career in textile Art and Design. After three decades in an interesting and successful career, she has now turned her attention to painting. Sandra prefers to paint in oil, and always with designer's eye. Member of Dorval Artists Association Diploma of associateship. MCA England Specialist Design Certificate MCA England Certificate in design specialise MCA.

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Jerry Ilavsky

Jerry was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and schooled in rural Manitoba. He completed a BSc at the University of Manitoba in 1964. He has lived in Beaconsfield since 1986. He has studied watercolor with Barbara Simmons, Jacques Hébert and Nasco Kafadarow and is a member of several art associations. He has exhibited in countless group art shows in the Montreal area, as well as a number of solo exhibitions.

Jerry can be reached at his home studio at 514-695-5552 or by email at

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Camille Isaacs Morell

Art is a hobby I really enjoy and I paint simply for the sheer pleasure of it!

My life's journey is taking me down a path of artistic expression. I stepped on the path in 1995 when, for the first time since leaving high school, I took a drawing class at the Visual Arts Centre in Westmount, Québec. In that first class, I felt the release of inner tension, giving way to a rare moment of personal freedom of expression, never before experienced!

Since 1995, I've travelled through several art classes, visited many artists' studios, become a member of three art associations and have participated in several exhibitions.

I've always said that pastel has chosen me. The beauty of the subjects I paint is best captured through the brilliance and versatility of dry pastels. I'm able to bring forth tonal variation, light and shadow and contrast between colours in a way that I've not been able to do with other media.

There are recurring scenes of pathways and sunlight in most of my landscape paintings, and contrasting light and dark colours in the still life paintings. Why? Who knows... but there is one thing I know for sure, is that when I paint, I see beauty, I release inner tension and move to another level of personal freedom of expression.


Visit my website at

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May Landerman Goodfellow

Art has had meanings to my life ever since as a young girl I began to create three-dimensional shapes in ceramic. These early experiences laid the foundation to the artistic path that I have followed ever since. After many years, I began to focus on creating two-dimensional work on paper. This experimentation has blossomed into expressing myself primarily through watercolour, but also oil, acrylic, mixed-media and drawing. Although I specialize in the interpretation of landscapes through my own experiences and travel, I strive to embrace other subjects to constantly challenge myself.

Watercolour has always fascinated me because of its transparency and light. I strive to constantly learn and refine my technique and methods through the teachings of the "old masters", contemporary artists and my own experience and experimentation. This perpetual learning process has given me a true understanding of the importance of light in a painting, no matter what media is used.

I am also passionate about sharing the joy that art has brought to me with others, and am constantly seeking new ways to allow other to enjoy art for their own betterment. Each stroke of the brush, layered one by one into a finished painting, makes my life better, richer and more cultural, and my goal is share this experience with others.

Visit my website at

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Jeannine Landreville


I’ve been practicing my artistic skills for over 20 years. I love to work with diefferent mediums (acrylic, oil, pastel). I paint just about anything but above all I’m a portrait artist. I also experiment on different surfaces such as canvas, wood, stone, and metal.


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Renée Mizgala


¨Mother Nature is the artist, I am only her apprentice¨

While studying fine art at Concordia University in the early 80’s, Renée decided to look elsewhere for inspiration and discovered watercolour with Renata Heidersdorf. She never looked back. “I was instantly baffled, enchanted and completely enthralled with this medium”. Renée continued her watercolour studies, working with internationally acclaimed artists like Ming Ma, Gerald Brommer, and Chen Kee Chee, as well as many more American specialists in the field.

Her children grown, she devotes her time between painting and teaching in her Dollard-des-Ormeaux studio, where she resides with her husband, Frank and her faithful dog, Bentley. Her watercolours have won awards and can be found in corporate and private collections in Canada, the US and parts of Europe. She also keeps busy with her involvement in various art associations. She is a founding member of the Dollard Artists’ Assoc., was President and is still an Executive of the Lakeshore Artists’ Assoc., an Honorary Member of the Beaconsfield Artists’ Assoc. and an active member of the Dorval Artists’ Assoc.

“I am currently experimenting with a variety of papers and water media to help interpret the beauty of Mother Nature, whether it be a tiny rainforest frog or a mighty mountain range. Every painting is a challenge and a joy, but most of all it is a spiritual journey for me and, I hope, for the viewer.”

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Lise Pigeon


I was born in Montreal. Ever since I can remember, I loved to admire nature with its flowers and animals. I chose to be an artist at a very young age but could only start to fulfill my dream many years later. While being a primary school teacher, I studied at night under well-known artists . Now, being a retiree, I live my passion of art to its fullest. I paint in watercolor and acrylic. I participate in many exhibitions in the West Island and in Montreal. I also teach children the techniques of drawing and watercolor.

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Leslie Portsmouth


Leslie Portsmouth has been painting and creating as long as she can remember – from finger painting in kindergarten to more serious art studies through her formative years. However, a successful but busy career for 30+ years side-lined her art activities and it wasn’t until she retired several years ago that she was able to pursue her interest in art once again. Continuous learning is important to Leslie and so she participates in various workshops and classes on a regular basis. She enjoys experimenting with a variety of mediums to broaden her knowledge and further develop her skills. Leslie is also a member of several art associations. Her paintings are exhibited and sold in various local art shows.

Leslie lives in Pointe Claire, Quebec with her husband and two cats. A true nature lover, she has travelled extensively but is happiest in her beautiful garden which is often a source of inspiration to her.

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Jacqueline Vaughan


Born in Montreal, Jacqueline’s artistic talents have been expressed ever since she could hold a crayon, manipulate plasticine, thread a needle, or sing a note. She developed her appreciation of classical art form during art history courses, while attending Dorval High School and McGill Art Education courses. She later travelled in Europe to view the art works of the “Masters”. The painters of the Impressionist period have influenced her the most.

As a teacher in training, she continued to explore the various mediums available for creating works of art. Throughout her 31 year teaching career, Jacqueline encouraged many students to enjoy the pleasure of individual creativity, by sharing her experiences with artistic expression.

While living and teaching in northeast Alberta, Jacqueline joined a local artist club and devoted her spare time, dabbling in acrylics, oils, pastels and watercolours. She exhibited and sold her paintings at the Smoky Lake Museum & Art Gallery and at the renowned Smoky Lake “Great Pumpkin Weigh-In Festival” Art Show in October 2005, and 2006.

Since her retirement to Montreal in 2006, Jacqueline developed a fondness for the more challenging art medium of watercolours under the guidance of accomplished local artists. She currently volunteers as a mentor for budding artists enrolled in the Bayview Residence and Farley House Art Therapy Programs, sponsored by the West Island Citizens Advocacy for the Handicapped.

Jacqueline has exhibited her watercolour paintings at Sarto Desnoyers’ Community Centre Studio Art Show since April 2007, the Dorval Artists’ Expo D’Arts in 2010 & 2011, as well as the Pierrefonds Cultural Centre Art Contest in May 2008 - 2011. Jacqueline’s recent foray into acrylics earned her 1st Place Award, in that category, for her vibrant abstract entitled “Tropical Paradise” at the 2012 Dorval Artists’ Expo D’Arts.

Jacqueline volunteers in the position of Membership Chair/V.P. of the Dorval Artist Association.

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