C O N S T I T U T I O N   -   1 9 8 7





1.1       The name of the organization shall be "The Dorval Artists Association (D.A.A.) Incorporated".


1.2       The address of this organization shall be 1335 Lakeshore Drive, Dorval, Quebec, H9S 2E5;


1.3       The objectives of this organization shall be:


a)         To promote and encourage art in Dorval;

b)         To exchange ideas and techniques with others through workshops;

c)         To benefit from the privileges afforded a group such as exposure of works through exhibitions, discounts on materials, lectures, seminars and workshops, demonstrations, films and gallery tours.




2.1       The Dorval Artists Association Inc. is recognized by the City of Dorval as the governing agency of the visual fine arts in this community;


2.2       The activities of this Association and its finances shall be subject to the supervision of the responsible officer of the administration of the City of Dorval.




3.1       Membership is open to all Dorval residents regardless of sex, religion, race, language or citizenship;


3.2       Non-residents will be permitted with the following restrictions:


1.         Non-residents may not exceed 20% of the membership.


2.         The Association gives priority to residents of the City of Dorval and aims to an objective of 80% of City of Dorval residents.


3.         Non-residents must pay a higher fee than that of the residents of the City of Dorval.


4.         Only the residents of the City of Dorval are eligible to hold the Executive positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.


5.         In the event that the restriction leaves applicants unable to be new members, their names shall be maintained, in order of application, on a waiting list and they will be notified as an opening becomes available;


3.3       Members will have obligations to the Association which include:


3.3.1   Members are requested to pass on information for the benefit of fellow members;


3.3.2   Each member shall be required to provide a service duty to the Association;


3.3.3   Each member shall be requested to attend meetings as they are called by the Board;  Members are required to attend four (4) meetings per year in order to retain their annual membership in good standing in the Association.


3.4       The annual membership fee shall be paid by the first Tuesday of June and not later than the end of June.  Failure to do so automatically suspends membership. A membership list will be compiled in September and an addendum in December, if necessary. 


3.5       Membership in the Association shall consist of the following categories:


3.5.1   Regular members are eligible for all privileges of the Association;


3.5.2   Regarding Honourary Life Member:  Any regular member may present the name of a candidate to the President in writing.  Honourary life members may be elected on resolution of the Board, approved at any General Meeting.  They shall enjoy all the privileges of the Association except voting and holding office unless they are regular members.  Honourary Life Members pay no fees for membership. An Advisory committee shall be established comprising three past presidents in the event that the Board cannot reach a decision with regard to the nominee;


3.5.3   For a nominal fee, visitors may be given temporary privileges of the Association including lectures and demonstrations and the eligibility for workshops and studios.


3.6       On admission a new member shall be notified in writing and furnished with a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws.







4.1       The Association's fiscal year shall begin on the first day of June and/or end on the last day of May.


B Y  -  L A W S


ARTICLE 1 - Definitions


1.1       Whenever the words "The Association" occur, they shall be understood to mean "The Dorval Artists Association Inc.” (D.A.A.);


1.2       Whenever the words "the Board of Directors" occur, they shall be understood to mean "The Dorval Artists Association Inc. Board of Directors.


ARTICLE 2 - Officers and Directors


2.1       Board of Directors


a)         The Board of Directors shall be composed of a President, Vice-President,  Treasurer, Website Administrator, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Studio Coordinator, Exhibition Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator, House Coordinator and Publicity Director who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the members and the immediate Past-President, plus one non-voting City representative who is appointed by the Director, Leisure and Culture Department of the City of Dorval;


b)         The Board Officers shall hold office for two (2) years or until such time as successors are elected at the Annual General Meeting.





ARTICLE 1 - Duties of Officers


1.1       The President - shall serve as chairman of all General and Executive Meetings of the Association.  He/she shall appoint chairmen of all committees except for the Nominating Committee.  Represent the Association at all times, be responsible for all undertakings and activities, report at each Board of Directors' Executive meeting as to the Association's condition and general status;


1.2       The Vice-President and Membership - in the absence of the President, shall preside and perform the duties of the President.  Keep record of all dues of the paying members, make provisions for the collection of dues at meetings, turn over all monies to the Treasurer giving an accurate record to the Treasurer and keep a duplicate for himself/herself, report on status of paid-up membership at regular intervals;


1.3       Treasurer - shall receive and bank all monies due the Association, keep bookkeeping records of such funds, pay wherever possible by cheques countersigned by any two (2) of three (3) signing officers, pay bills from officers and committee members only when clearly authorized and when receipts for expenditures are attached, disburses all monies as the Association may direct, give a statement of finances as often as required, give a complete audited financial report at the Annual General Meeting;


1.4       Website Administrator – shall be responsible for maintaining and updating the Website for the Association including the posting of courses, special events, photographs and updating the monthly calendar.  The City of Dorval must also be advised of the information contained in the association’s calendar;


1.5       Corresponding Secretary - shall have a list of all officers, board members and general membership, notify all members of meetings, conduct correspondence as directed, read the important correspondence (or the gist of it);


1.6       Recording Secretary - shall keep minutes of the meetings, take the roll at board meetings, read the Notice of Meeting, read the minutes of the previous meeting, record the proceedings (not the debate), record the name of the member who introduces the motion, take charge of all documents belonging to the Association when requested, sign official documents belonging to the Association when requested, call a meeting to order in the absence of the President or Vice-President and preside until the election of a chairman pro tem, which should take place immediately;


1.7       Studio Coordinator - shall choose his/her own committee of four (4) regular members and him (her) self.  They shall arrange all workshops and seminars and use of studio space with the approval of the Board of Directors;


1.8       Exhibition Coordinator - shall choose his/her own committee of four (4) regular members and him (her) self.  They shall arrange all exhibitions of the Association with the approval of the Board of Directors;


1.9       Special Events Coordinator - shall choose himself/herself the committee of four (4) regular members.  They shall arrange all lectures, demonstrations, outings and any other events as may arise of interest to the Association with the approval of the Board of Directors;


1.10    House Convenor - shall co-ordinate the refreshments at meetings and other designated gatherings of the Association.  His/her committee shall consist of every member of the Association who must select a scheduled date;


1.11    Publicity Director - shall be responsible for planning and execution of all publicity for the Association as required, with approval of the Board of Directors;


1.12    The Board of Directors shall have the management of all the property and the business affairs of the Association;


1.13    In the event of the dissolution of the Dorval Artists Association, all property and funds shall become the property of the City of Dorval;


1.14    The Board of Directors shall have power:


1.         To appoint all instructors, lecturers, etc. for the Association, prescribe their duties, fix their compensation and review the membership response to the event;


2.         To make rules and regulations for the guidance of officers and management of the Association;


3.         To appoint, if they deem it advisable, an assistant Secretary and an assistant Treasurer;


4.         To do all such things as will benefit the Association;


1.15    The President and Treasurer and Vice President could sign all documents and other instruments requiring execution by the Association;


1.16    All cheques and bills of exchange, of whatever nature, shall be signed by two (2) of the following officers of the Association;  the President, the Vice-President, and the Treasurer;


1.17    The Board of Directors may also direct the signature of any such documents or paper by any other member of the Board of Directors indicated by special resolution.



ARTICLE 2 - Duties and Rights of Members


2.1       Duties


Obtain floor before speaking, avoid speaking upon any matter until it has properly been brought before the meeting by a motion, keep upon the question pending, yield the floor to calls for order, abstain from all personalities in debate;


2.2       Rights


Offer any motion that is germane to the Association, explain or explore any motion or matter properly before the meeting, call to order if necessary, hold the floor when legally obtained until through speaking, appeal from the decision of the chair to that of the assembly.



ARTICLE 3 - Meetings


3.1       The Board of Directors shall meet regularly at a time and place designated by the President.  At least one week’s notice of such meetings shall be given by telephone;


The Annual General Meeting of the members of the Association shall be held by the 15th day of June at the Association's premises at a time directed by the Board of Directors to receive the reports of the Board of Directors, and to elect officers and directors for the new fiscal year, and to elect others as are necessary to the proper conduct of the Association's activities, and for the transaction of all business that may properly come before the meeting;


3.3       Special General Meetings may be called at any time:


a)         By the President,

b)         On resolution by the Board of Directors,

c)         On written requisition to the President signed by at least seven (7) regular members of the Association.  Such resolution or requisition shall specify the nature of the business to be brought before the Special General Meeting and no other business other than that stated in the Notice of Meeting shall be transacted.  The time and place of all Special General Meetings shall be decided by the Board of Directors;


3.4       Notice of the time and place of General Meetings shall be given at least seven (7) days previously by letter or card addressed to each member at the last known address or by telephone;


3.5       At all General or Special Meetings of members of the Association, one third (1/3) of the Regular Members in good standing shall constitute a quorum;


3.6       Failure to receive Notice by any member shall not invalidate any resolution or action at such meetings;


3.7       With the exception of the President, there shall be a maximum of one vote per person present.  The President shall have the right to vote on all matters and shall have the privilege of casting an additional vote in the event of a tie vote.


3.8       Voting shall be by show of hands unless resolved that a secret ballet will take place;


3.9       In the event of a secret ballot the scrutineers shall not announce the numerical score of the vote, but may report whether the motion has been carried or lost.  The President may request a statement of the tally.


ARTICLE 4 - Election of Officers


4.1       Election of Officers shall take place at the Annual General Meeting;


4.2       The "Past President" shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of three (3) regular members, of which only one shall be a Director, to nominate the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Website Administrator Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Studio Coordinator, Exhibition Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator, House Convenor, and Publicity Director.  All positions must be filled.  They shall deposit with the Corresponding Secretary the nominating papers at least fifteen (15) days prior to the day of the Annual General Meeting and be incorporated into the notice sent out for the Annual General Meeting;


4.3       Nominations will be accepted from the floor.  It must be immediately established whether the nominee is prepared to accept the nomination;


4.4       To be eligible for office of President or Vice-President, the nominee shall have served at least one year on the Dorval Artists Association Board of Directors;


4.5       Election of Officers shall be by secret ballot.  Each regular member is entitled to one vote for each position filled;


4.6       Should any vacancy occur on the Board, the remaining members of the Board may appoint a Director from the Board or from the regular membership;


4.7       Any vacancy occurring on a committee between the Annual General Meetings of the Association may be filled by a regular member selected by the convenor of the committee involved or by the Board of Directors.


ARTICLE 5 - Amendments


5.1       The constitution may not be changed except under the following conditions:


1.         Written notice of not less than 14 days has been served on all members of the Association and is signed by three (3) regular members;


2.         A Special General Meeting is held at which the proposal is discussed and voted upon;


3.         A (2/3) majority of the Association present must be in favour of the changes for them to be carried out;


4.         The President shall have the right to delay a change in the constitution until the next Annual General Meeting or for six (6) months, whichever is the shorter period, where a vote of the members present shall be taken.  This is to prevent the Association from radical changes unless it is the wish of the majority of the members;


5.         The constitution and amendments thereto, shall be submitted to the Director, Leisure and Culture Department for the City of Dorval for approval.



ARTICLE 6 - Studios


6.1       All members are eligible for Seminars, Workshops and Open Studios.  The Board of Directors or Studio Coordinator shall establish the fees to be paid and/or may limit the number of participants due to space limitations or for other valid reasons;


6.2       Each member is responsible for maintaining a clean studio area.



ARTICLE 7 - Exhibitions


7.1       An Annual minimum of one major exhibition will be held at the Dorval Cultural Centre;


7.2       Other exhibitions will be held, if so voted by the Board of Directors, at regular scheduled or Special Meeting and sufficient interest of members;


7.3       In order to improve the attendance level at the general meetings, attendance at a minimum of four meetings a year will be required to assure participation in the October exhibition.  New members will be permitted to exhibit during their first year, after attending four meetings in that membership year (i.e. September through August).  It is therefore important to sign the attendance book at each meeting attended.  Attendance will be compiled from the signature book.


7.4       Major exhibitions held in Dorval maintain regulations as set forth by the exhibition committee and the following:


1.         Major exhibitions are open to regular members in good standing;


2.         Exhibition committee shall determine the number of works eligible so that a uniform number per member is achieved, limited by space available;


3.         All works must be totally original. Artists' own composition, from life, imagination, or own photograph;


4.         Work must have been completed within one year prior to exhibition;


5.         Work must not have been previously exhibited by the Dorval Artists Association;


6.         All work must be mounted and framed and sculptures must be able to stand alone;


7.         In the event that a theme is set, all submitted work must follow the guidelines which are imposed;


8.         Exhibition Convenor may make any additional regulations with the approval of the Board of Directors.




Revised and approved AGM June 1994

Revised and approved AGM June 2004

Revised and approved AGM June 2007



© Association des artistes de Dorval – Dorval Artists’ Association.