How To Exhibit at the Library

Procedures for Visual Artists who wish to exhibit at the Dorval Library

1401, Lakeshore Drive, Dorval

  1. Applicant should present an artistic portfolio to the Dorval Artists Association. Kindly contact the director of expositions for the DAA Manon Martel  and submit your request to exhibit your art work by contacting her at 514-300-1399 and by emailing 6 photos of your art work to
  2. Once your artistic portfolio is approved, a visit to the site to evaluate the available space and other needs you may have (bonding materials) is recommended. Contact the liaison officer Mme. Sara Giguère at 514-633-4071 or at to book an appointment.  Kindly also communicate with Paula Girolami at least 2 weeks prior to exhibiting to provide photos (digital) of some of the works you will be displaying as well as a short biography (150-200 words) for the free publicity that will be available to you for your exhibit. (514-634-4612 or at


  1. Provide the City of Dorval liaison officer with this information at least two weeks prior to the opening of the exhibit:
    • your full name
    • street address,
    • telephone number,
    • email address,
    • a CV of the artist (optional)
    • a text presenting your exhibition or art work(bilingual)¸
    • list of the art work for the exhibit including the following for each piece:
                        a. Title
                        b. Medium (s) used
                        c. Dimensions (excluding the frame and mat)
    The market value (for insurance purposes provided by the City)
  2. Sign the agreement with the City of Dorval and return it to the liaison officer at least one week prior to the exhibit.
  3. Day of setting up:
    a)  The hanging of the art work is done on Monday mornings from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. before the opening of the library. Plan to be accompanied by a helper to help you carry and hang your art work. The City does not provide this service.

    b)  The City liaison officer will be on site to greet you.  Delivery of the art work is by the employee door next to the book drop beginning at 8:30 a.m. Ring the door bell so that someone can open the door. Plan to start setting up early so as not to disturb the library users after 10:00 a.m.

    c)  Affix to each art work an identification card with the following information (it is forbidden to stick anything on the walls):

    • Name of the artist
    • Title
    • Dimensions (excluding the frame and mat)
    • Mediums
    • You are permitted to sell your art work by:
      • indicating the price on the identification card or
      • by indicating on the identification card that the price list is available upon request at the reception desk of the library
      • indicating “private collection” or “not for sale” is another option

    d)  If you wish, you may bring a poster (bilingual) to promote your exhibit. An easel with a presentation space of 22 '' wide by 30 '' tall will be available to display your poster and business cards.

    e)  During the set up, a liaison officer will be on site to confirm the number of art work pieces and the required information according to the list provided by the artist.

  4. It may be possible to use the activity room of the Library to welcome your guests however that will depend on the availability of the room and it needs to be addressed with the liaison officer prior to the day it will be required.
  5. Your art work should be taken down on Fridays according to the library’s business hours.

Dorval Library Hanging System

Developed and written by Chantal Ducharme, translated by Vincent Nachaty, both members of the DAA, and Sara Giguère, liaison officer of the city of Dorval.            

© Association des artistes de Dorval – Dorval Artists’ Association.