The Dorval Artists' Association was inaugurated in November 1979 and is composed of 125 members. Anyone interested in art can become a member.

Like all organizations, the Dorval Artists' Association has many goals and objectives; first to promote and encourage art in the city of Dorval. Secondly to facilitate the exchange of ideas and techniques between members through organized workshops and discussions.
Thirdly to offer its members all the privileges given to groups: - exhibitions, discounts, conferences, seminars and workshops, demonstrations, films and visits to galleries and resources. Fourthly to encourage the study and appreciation of art through the above mentioned

Because the Association is affiliated with the City of Dorval, preference is given to Dorval residents. The membership is limited to 125 Members. Non-residents (off the Dorval city) pay a slightly higher fee.

Members must fulfill certain obligations towards the Association: they must relay all information that would be profitable to members. Also, everyone must "be of service" at the Association's functions.

Members profit from the free studio available to Dorval Artists. The Association holds at least two exhibitions a year. Members can also participate in many other activities organized by the City such as the Winter Carnival, Rendez-Vous, etc.

The Dorval Artists' Association has the privilege of using the facilities and administrative services provided by the Leisure and Culture Department. Also, the Sarto Desnoyers Community Centre allows the Association to use the Art Room and storage cupboards.

© Association des artistes de Dorval – Dorval Artists’ Association.