Plein’Art Information

Here are various suggestions for how to hang your painting at the Plein'Art exhibition.

A. Homemade folding system, wood. B. Homemade folding system (detail).
C. City's free-standing panel. For use
with curtain hooks.
D. Curtain hooks to use with city's panel. These hooks hang from the cloth mesh that will be on the panel. Please provide your own curtain hooks.
E. One of the types of tents provided
by the city.
F.  G. 
H. I.
J. K.
F to K. Bendy plastic garden trellis to be used with S-shaped hooks. (Réno-Dépôt: various colours, 4' x 8' but can be cut into smaller panels for 1.49 $).
L. S-shaped hooks (Réno-Dépôt).
The city has a lot of these (TBD).

M. N.
O.  P. 
Q.  R. 

M to R. "Closet maid" white metal grill panel to be used with S-shaped hooks (Rénot Dépôt: various types).

S. Any other type of material with holes attached to the tent with tie wraps (For multiple paintings, suspend material from small chains and S-hooks.).
T. Tie wraps and supple green gardening rope (metal core): Dollorama, Réno-dépôt, Rona, or other store with gardening supplies).
U  and V. Wooden planks with nails hung from the tent with tie wraps.

Also: You can use easels (not illustrated).

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